Property Redevelopment and Public Funding Support

KU Resources assists public, non-profit, and private clients with environmental, economic development, government and community relations, real estate, and redevelopment needs. Partnering closely with our clients, we develop tailored methodologies to specific needs. We assist our public clients to achieve their objectives of job creation and the return of idle properties to a taxable status and productive use, and our private clients in bridging investment gaps and adding value to their assets.

property-redevelopment-andpublic-fundingKU Resources is dedicated to the revitalization and redevelopment of distressed properties and communities. We also understand that economic development is fueled by private investment. We work closely with public agencies, private companies, community and economic development organizations, and other stakeholders to identify impediments to that investment and develop effective methodologies to address them.

In addition, we work successfully with all levels of government and will effectively leverage financial and other assistance from the private and public sectors. Since the political and economic environments directly impact our client’s projects, our personnel understand the importance of effectively negotiating with regulatory and economic development agencies.

The types of services we regularly provide to our clients include:

  • Economic development consulting and advisory services
  • Site selection, analysis, and prioritization assistance
  • Site redevelopment planning, management, and implementation
  • Project development and management services
  • Coordination and facilitation of public process
  • Grant writing and management services
  • Regulatory facilitation and community relations
  • Property conservatorship guidance
  • Land banking advisory and implementation services
  • Property acquisition services
  • Incentive negotiations and public finance assistance
  • Added economic development capacity for public client