Environmental Site Assessments and Remediation


KU Resources’ project portfolio contains hundreds of examples of successfully completed Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments (ESAs) performed under a variety of regulatory programs and often following ASTM standards. KU Resources specializes in applying risk-based approaches to support our clients’ end-use development plans. Our principal focus is to eliminate and/or reduce costly remedial actions by meeting the development goals of our clients, while protecting all current and future potential site receptors (both human and ecological).

We are dedicated to developing innovative solutions for our clients, while providing maximum value to their project. Our clients work directly with our company, rather than several unaffiliated contractors. This approach allows us to provide customized solutions for our clients, while keeping close control over project deliverables, schedules, and budgets.

Phase I ESA

A Phase I ESA identifies the environmental concerns of a site. Phase I ESAs typically include: a physical survey; interviews with present owners; a review of past land uses; review of environmental records from database sources, including agency records; and preparation of an assessment report. Our personnel evaluate the information to determine the recognized environmental conditions associated with the property and recommend further investigation, as may be required to accomplish project objectives.

Phase II ESA

Phase II ESAs evaluate the scope of site contamination by drilling, collecting, and analyzing environmental samples. Armed with this information, our staff prepares a report to reaffirm any environmental concerns discovered during the Phase I ESAs. We also develop remedial solutions for our clients that reduce or eliminate potential liabilities, if necessary. A Phase II ESA report often addresses potential environmental considerations related to a property transaction.

Remediation Services

Utilizing turn-key approaches, our experienced project managers provide safe and cost-effective remediation solutions to our clients, in accordance with all Federal and State regulations. From small-scale projects to large multi-million dollar projects, we utilize both construction-based and technology-based remediation techniques to aid in the transformation of contaminated sites into shopping districts, residential developments, and other possible reuses.

We have the experience and the expertise in the following environmental remediation services:

Site Remediation

  • Groundwater Extraction and Treatment
  • In-Situ Soil and Groundwater Treatment
  • Product Recovery (LNAPL and DNAPL)
  • Waste Containment Solutions
  • Hazardous Waste and PCB Stabilization, Solidification, Fixation, or Removal
  • Pit, Pond, and Lagoon Cleanouts and Closures
  • Asbestos-Containing Materials Cleanup Management
  • Facility Decontamination, Decommissioning, and Demolition
  • Underground and Aboveground Tank Decommissioning

Waste Transportation and Disposal

  • Drum and Waste Management Programs
  • On-Site Supervision/Coordination of Transportation and Disposal
  • Transformer Recycling

Remedial Construction Management

  • Installation of Landfill Liners, Caps, Covers, and Post-Closure Care
  • Groundwater and Soil Remediation
  • Bioremediation
  • Groundwater Interceptor and Treatment System Installation