KU Resources is an innovative environmental consulting firm that focuses on environmental management and site development engineering. Composed primarily of senior-level personnel, our experience includes project planning and management, site characterization, risk assessment, remedy planning/design, and remedy construction.

We help our clients develop a strategy to accomplish their goals and execute their project plan from start to finish. By understanding our client’s goals from the start, our dedicated and highly skilled team of professionals will focus on that objective while delivering the highest quality, most cost-effective solutions.

Our goal is to provide each client with a high level of technical and regulatory expertise, competitive cost structure, and customized solutions for each project on time and on budget. On numerous occasions, we have demonstrated our ability to save clients substantial amounts of money through the collective experience of our personnel and our efficient, highly productive work environment. Through this proactive approach, we have developed and will continue to build lasting relationships with our clients. A significant portion of our clients keep coming back to us because we have a proven track record of diligence, dedication, and professionalism.